A tourists guide to Prague

Prague is the capital city in the Czech Republic, and an increasingly popular European destination. While cities like Paris and Rome may be popular favourites for short getaways, Prague is certainly growing in popularity-and with good reason.

Prague, Czech Republic

The first thing to consider with any trip is the length of time you will be going for. 4 days is the perfect time frame for anyone who wants to see and do everything! We flew out on Monday 11th April and flew back Thursday 14th April. This time frame was brilliant for tourists because it is just after the Easter holiday and therefore most holiday makers have been and gone and are now back to work or school. Any 4 day period just before or after any public holiday (especially school holidays) is ideal if you want to beat the crowds.

So once your time frame is sorted next you need flights and somewhere to stay. Ryanair offer flights to Prague from all London airports at a very reasonable rate. Although it isn’t the luxury travel everyone may want it’s a seat on a plane for an hour and a half for less than £75 each (both ways). You can’t really grumble about that. Alternatively other budget airlines such as Easy Jet also offer affordable flights from different airports such as Manchester.

The view from the plane, Ryanair

In terms of accommodation, hostels are always a fantastic budget way to travel, however this doesn’t always mean bunk beds and strangers. There are many hostels that offer a private alternative- either within the hostel or near by. We stayed in Miss Sophie’s Hotel which is situated opposite Sophie’s Hostel. The hotel cost approximately £50 per night for a double en suite room with a king sized bed. As if this wasn’t enough they also presented us with a complimentary hamper including a bottle of Bohemian champagne, peanuts, bruschetta and chocolate. The service in the hotel was impeccable and everything we could have asked for. All of the staff spoke perfect English, and were always around to direct us to our chosen destination of the day on our complimentary holy grail map. Other great places to stay on a budget are: Plus Prague, Mosaic House, Sir Toby’s and Fusion Prague.

The hotel room, Miss Sophie’s Hotel Prague

So, you’ve flown and you’ve got to your hotel, but what to do now? Get exploring this amazing city. There is so much to do in Prague so here are some of the best trips out that you can cram into 4 days.

First things first, you have to visit the Old Town Square. Prague is famous for its Gothic Bohemian architecture and the Old Town is full of it. As soon as you step into the square you are greeted by the magnificent Astronomical Clock- the oldest one still operating- mounted on to the Old Town Hall. The square is buzzing with life and filled with street performers, tourists and segways.

While you’re in the Old Town be sure to pick up one of the Czech sweet specialties- trdelniks. A donut like pastry filled with nutella and icecream – often topped off with strawberries and chocolate sauce.

Passage to the Old Town Square, opposite the Sex Machines museum

Just a short walk from the Old Town Square is the Charles Bridge. This is Prague’s most famous landmark. The bridge crosses over the Vltava river and used to be the only means to getting from the Old Town to Prague Castle. Now-a-days the bridge is filled with tourists with their selfie sticks and artists drawing caractures.

If you fancy a trip slightly outside of town hop on the metro to Nádraží Holešovice and the Zoologická zahrada bus will take you straight to Prague Zoo. The zoo holds hundreds of animals, from polar bears to camels. So, if you love visiting the zoo, then Prague Zoo is definitely one you need to see.

Tiger up close at Prague Zoo

No trip to Prague is complete without marveling at the views from Petrin Tower. Prague is known as the city of a thousand spires- and that it is. After crossing Charles Bridge you will find a huge grassy hill with a tower that resembles the Eiffel Tower. Tackle the 1043 foot hill or take the tram?- but once you get to the top the views stretch all across the city over Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square and the Jewish Quarters. Petrin Tower is at the top of the hill taking you further into the sky, it costs approximately £5 per person.

As well as the tower there is also a mirror maze, an observatory and plenty of garden walks at the top of Petrin Hill.

Petrin Tower, Prague

One of the hot spots Prague is famous for is the John Lennon wall. This landmark poses a lot of questions to tourists- what has John Lennon got to do with Prague? Did he visit here? Does he have history here?

The reasoning behind the wall is that during the years of communism in the Czech Republic, they banned pop music- especially John Lennon who preached a lot about peace and freedom which didn’t exist in the country during this time.  The wall symbolizes the break through from that time and is very important to the people of the country as well as being an amazing piece of street art.

You can also swing by the John Lennon Pub just around the corner for a pint of Czech Pilsner or even a Milkshake.

The John Lennon Wall, Prague

Prague Castle is another of the places you have to visit while you’re in Prague! The castle is the biggest of it’s kind in Europe and a national treasure. It’s beautiful architecture can be seen for miles in Prague- but up close it’s something else. Each window is detailed stained glass and each statue is almost lifelike.

It’s a bit of a climb to get to the castle, but it is certainly worth it.

The first view of Prague castle (this is only the back!)

Most of these activities require the weather to be on your side, but it’s not to worry if it does rain because there is plenty to do inside. For an educational hour, take a trip to the Museum of Communism to read about Marx, Lenin and Stalin and the history of communist Czech.

If history and sociology aren’t really your thing, try the Prague Gallery of Art. In this gallery there are currently three exhibitions; Dali, Mucha and Warhol.

Chanel paintings in the Andy Warhol exhibition at the National Gallery of Art, Prague

So, supposing art isn’t your thing either, there are still plenty of other indoor attractions in Prague. Madam Tussaud, The Chocolate Museum or shopping malls. There is plenty to do.

While things to do are good, you still need some time for some food and a drink. After all, you are on holiday. Here are some of the best places we found to wine and dine.

There are dozens of amazing places to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat in Prague but one of the number 1 places you have to go is the Lenta beer garden. Located just a short walk from Vltavska metro station the beer garden has a perfect view over the Old Town and is the perfect location for a summers evening drink. Behind the beer garden is a restaurant called Letensky Zamecek. The food and wine is amazing and the service is spot on with wine being poured into our glasses the second they were empty.

If you’re after a light bite rather than slap up dinner, head to Cafe Jen. A quaint cafe just outside of the New Town. The latte’s are to die for.

Cafe Jen, Prague

Or maybe you’re just after a novelty place to stop and have a drink? Try the Ice Pub! Ideally situated just outside of Charles Bridge, the Ice Pub charges 200czk (approximately £5) for 20 minutes in -7 degrees with a cocktail. The entire room is made of ice and even your glasses are ice too, so if you don’t drink up fast you’ll end up with green gunge all over your poncho.

By the end of your trip you might just fancy a touch of home. If this is the case try one of the many Irish Pubs for a roast dinner or bangers and mash. Just like back home. This is a perfect stomach filler before a late plane journey home.

And that’s it, my tourists guide to Prague, Czech Republic.

I hope I have inspired you to visit this beautiful, magical city!

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