LEMONADE: album review

Beyonce’s sixth album, Lemonade, had officially dropped on Tidal and it is what EVERYONE is talking about. The album oozes with fierce drama and intense lyrical emotion in a way that only Queen Bey knows how!


With a combination of earthy and natural sounds reminiscent of a forest of a jungle and the soothing vocals, Beyonce has stripped herself down and is showing a complete vulnerability. The words from the title of the track haunt the chorus as almost a cry for help “I’m prayin’ you catch me”. This was the first instigation that fans began to fear about how real these lyrics are. Is their bad blood boiling between Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z?

Rating: 7/10


By track two Beyonce’s back to her sassy and fierce self gallivanting around the street with a baseball bat destroying everything she sees. With an almost reggae vibe  layered with a hip hop lyrical flow this catchy track is one you won’t be able to get out of your head.

Rating: 8/10


It’s clear to see that Bey is definitely channeling a lot of anger with this album. “You ain’t married to no average bitch boy. You can watch my fat ass twist boy. As I bounce to the next dick boy” are the brutal lyrics that every girl is going to be copying to slay any relationship problems they will ever have for the rest of eternity. Without an ounce of mercy or compassion SLAY SLAY SLAY!

Rating: 8/10


Sorry, not sorry. An unapologetic hip hop style track showing no remorse. With a techno vibe and bootilicious dancers this is undoubtedly something only Beyonce could pull off. Lyrically not so astounding but catchy and sassy.”Middle fingers up” to anyone who does not love this song!

Rating: 7/10

6 INCH ft The Weeknd

Arguably one of the best songs on the album! This track is sure to be a club anthem for summer and blasting through every radio station on the planet. Starting off with a slight Lana Del Rey vibe paired with the distinct voice of The Weeknd this is a song hard to beat. Empowering- in that classic Beyonce baller fashion.

Rating: 9/10


While Taylor Swift has evolved out of the country music scene, it seems Beyonce has evolved into it- and it’s a perfect fit! Astounding to think that this is her first ever country song when it fits so perfectly. As a fitting tribute to her father and her Texan roots, this is proof that Bey really can do anything!

Rating: 9/10


If there is one song on the album that epitomizes Beyonce’s sound- this is it. One of the shorter songs on the album but it is definitely a piece of the classic Yonce love anthems she is known for.

Rating: 7/10


The tear jerking ballad of the album with gorgeous heart wrenching lyrics and mellow piano accompaniment. Tissues at the ready for this stunning piece of musical beauty.

Rating: 9/10

FORWARD ft James Blake

At this point in the album the songs seem to be getting shorter and shorter leaving you wanting more and more. Moving on from the anger and the betrayal, this track enhances the emotions to come after this. With the mellow sound of James Blake accompanying Bey as a partner rather than an enemy. Notably the shortest track of the album and arguably with the least wow factor.

Rating: 6/10

FREEDOM ft Kendrick Lamar

For this African-American power anthem who better to collaborate with than Kendrick Lamar. His recent album “To Pimp a Butterfly” was all about this same topic and slams the world with it’s black empowering lyrics. The combination of Kendrick and Bey is a match made in musical heaven with the ability to empower anyone who hears it. This is deffinitly a track that is going to be played time and time again in the upcoming months.

Rating: 9/10


The penultimate track of the album offering an almost jazzy techno ballad before the commotion of the famous “Formation”. Embodying Beyonce’s strong vocals that she is known for from previous singles such as “Pretty Hurts” and “Broken Hearted Girl” this song will get you singing to the top of your lungs!

Rating: 8/10


By now if you haven’t heard Formation you are clearly not on this planet. It’s placed perfectly within the album and the ideal finishing note.

Rating 9/10

Overall the album is a solid 9/10 and definitely one to get your ears on!

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