Your guide to the hottest post-fashion week event this season

Fashion week is always any fashion lovers favorite time of the year. A time they can marvel at an array of new collections and new trends on the catwalk. But for creative and chief executive officer for Burberry, Christopher Bailey, fashion week continued.

The Burberry fashion show is always one to watch with some of the most iconic runway moments buried within its history. This fashion week was no different.


The Burberry show at London Fashion Week has relocated from its usual spot in Kensington Gardens and was held in Makers House in Soho. The new location consisted of a beautiful courtyard area which was somewhat reminiscent to scenes from C.S Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia, with white busts and statues in every corner. As you go inside you are greeted by an enormous stair case covered in a green symmetrical pattern leading up to the runway. The runway was also covered in the same carpeting with intense attention to detail. This was where the magic happened.

Every fashion enthusiast watched the show in awe of what they were seeing and envying each and every body seated alongside Anna Wintour on the frow. But this time anyone and everyone has got there chance to feel like they are on the frow.


Makers House has been open to the public from September 21st through to September 27th showcasing both the incredible venue and the “distinctly British” collection.

Life scale mannequins stood in a military like style around the runway which matched one of the many trends for this season perfectly, military details.665

The collection was inspired by Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and incorporates designs comparable to pyjamas  and robe coats fit for royalty. There is definitely an air of ‘sophisticated cool’ as you walk around in admiration of the collection.

As well as the main attraction, Makers House also had other wonders to offer. Downstairs guests could take pleasure in witnessing some of the work that goes into creating some of the smaller pieces. A table laid out with a leather saddle and belts stood on one side of the staircase where a man sat sewing together key rings. On the other side was a sculptor creating a statue in likeness to those all around the courtyard. Towards the back of the building is the studio where guests can go and have their photographs taken among some of the busts and statues.


See below for a full gallery.

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