How to have a perfect night out

2017 is a year that everyone is claiming will be “their year”, and for a lot of us that means making sure you have a good time. So, what better way to have a good time than a perfect night out!

The return of university is dawning on students across the country with “refreshers” plans on the horizon. So, here’s how to have the perfect night out.

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Step 1- Planning:

The first thing to do is to plan in advance. Make sure you know who you’re going out with and organise times, how you’re getting home, dress code and location before the day. This means that everyone will know where and when they have to meet and who to expect, that way no one will get left behind.

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Step 2- Fashion:

Outfit plan. As much as we might like to pretend that we’re just wearing any old thing from the wardrobe everyone knows it takes a lot more planning than that. Ladies, we need to know if its a dress and heels affair, or just jeans and that “nice top” you just brought from Topshop? Gents, are you bashing out the new Ralph Lauren shirt your mum got you for Christmas or just keeping it casual with a t-shirt and ripped jeans? And remember to make sure your “squad” are on the same page.

Step 3- Alcohol:

You’re dressed, you look amazing and now it’s time to get your drink on. But yet again planning is needed. Plan what you’re going to drink so that you don’t mix things that you know don’t agree with you. Beer before wine, fine. Wine before beer, fear. Another classic danger zone is wine and vodka- risky business. Now get yourselves to pre-drinks!

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Step 4- Pre-drinks:

As lame as it sounds, if you want to get into the club, bar or venue you are going to you need to pre-drink responsibly. That means don’t go to hard. A bottle of wine (around 9-11%) and a few shots across a couple of hours is a good amount to get the party started without peaking to soon.

Step 5 – Getting to the club:

For a lot of people the pre-drinking venue won’t be near the the club so you need to arrange what time you are either walking or getting a taxi or lift at. If you’re short on money try and get there before 11pm because most clubs have free entry before then. If you are happy to pay it’s ideal to get there between 12 and 1 to avoid too long a queue. No one wants to be outside in the cold in a mini skirt for half the night.

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Step 6: Maintaining yourself

Once you’re in you want to stay in (unless you are on a crawl) so don’t drink too much that you aren’t in control. Make sure you don’t fall over in front of a bouncer, don’t spill a drink all over yourself (or anyone else for that matter) and don’t- under any circumstances- throw up (unless it’s a tactical chunder in the toilet and no one knows.)  Not only that you don’t want to wake up having spent £200 on Jäger Bombs for you and half the club.

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Step 7- End safely

If everyone knows where they are staying after a night out then no one can get lost. If you plan on changing your arrangements let your friend know that you’re going back with “Josh from the club” who you’ve been snogging all night. Alternatively, exchange numbers and keep to the original plan. A great night out can be ruined by someone getting left behind or losing their friends, whether it’s accidental or not- and it could be dangerous.

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Safe and happy partying!


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