How statistics can improve your Tinder game

Hanging out at home in your underwear. Lusting over Channing Tatum’s topless dancing Magic Mike. Eating Nutella with a teaspoon straight from the jar. Telling your friend, time and time again that you really would not like to join them and their boyfriend for lunch. The sweet sweet perks of singlehood. But for a lot of singles, this isn’t enough. Whether it’s relationship, or a bit of intimate fun people are on the lookout for something more, and the internet is the place to go.

Online dating app, Tinder has 50 million accounts, making it the most popular online dating service since its launch in September 2012. The app has made approximately 10 billion matches and united singles across the globe.

But what a lot of singles don’t know is that knowing a few tricks can help them get even more matches and be even closer to making that third wheel into a double date and finding their match made in heaven.

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Knowing a few statistics and facts can help you to build a profile that’s more desirable to fellow users, thus improving match rates.

10 million Tinder users are active daily with each of them spending, on average, 35 minutes a day swiping their troubles away. 26 million of these daily swipes lead to matches and here is how you can make sure it’s you that people are swiping right for.

79% of Tinder users are millennials, so having your age range between 17 and 35 means you’ll have the most people seeing your profile. And more views means more matches.

Another fact to take into consideration is when you’re actually using the app. There are certain times in the day where Tinder has happy hours where more users are active- meaning more matches. A study conducted by Gareth Tyson et al  at Queen Mary University of London, Sapienza University of Rome, and the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group found that the most matches are made at 6pm, closely followed by 7pm. Other hot spots include 9am, 11am, 5pm and 8pm.

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So you’ve got your range, you’re on the 6pm commute home from work, app open, so far so good. Now, what is the best type of profile. Research shows that the accounts which get the most matches tend to have 3 or more pictures on their profile, most of which not being group selfies. (No one wants to have to waste their time guessing if you’re the “fit one” or not.) It’s not just what you look like either, what you say is just as important. Stats show that accounts with a bio get almost double the matches of accounts without one. So plan carefully what you want to communicate to your potential matchers.

Of course it doesn’t just stop at matches, once you’re in there it’s time to make a move. The messaging feature in Tinder only allows users to contact each other directly if they have matched, meaning that not anyone can slide their way into your “DM’s”.

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21% of female matches send a message, whereas only 7% of male matches send a message. Not enough people are messaging their matches. Some users even state in their bio “don’t match if you don’t talk” so singletons, take advantage and pop up to get the ball rolling. Although it may seem surprising that male Tinder users are sending less messages,  this might be because they have more matches which has been suggested that this may be because of the difference between male and female swiping habits. Women appear to be more selective about who they swipe left and therefore are more likely to message their matches whereas men appear more likely to swipe left for more people and then be more selective with who they message.

Although men don’t seem to send as high as proportion of messages as women, those they are sending are pretty fast. 63% of messages sent by men are being sent 5 minutes after the match, wheres only 18% of women message within this time. So lads, it looks like the girls are waiting for you to pop up first.

Even though there are plenty of hints and tips of how to boost your Tinder success rate, there are some things not everyone can use. Tinder released that the most “right swiped” jobs for women is a teacher and a engineer for men (based in New York City). Obviously there is nothing to stop you lying about not working in McDonald’s, but it might not go down well when your potential “bae” finds out.

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