New Years Resolutions to improve YOU

New Year – New Me. A phrase thrown around constantly at this time of year. But just because January is a time to “do something new” doesn’t mean the cliches can’t actually benefit you.

Here are some New Years resolutions that will help to improve the mind- body & and soul.

  1. Exercise. And I don’t mean go to the gym every day- just take a walk once a week take in some fresh air and move your body.
  2. Read. Reading improves your mind as well as works as a great escape from the stresses of real life. Give it a try as a great de-stressing technique.
  3. Cleanse deeper. Make sure you are taking the best care you can of your own body. Everyone is guilty of forgetting to exfoliate or use regular masks. Care for your skin more.
  4. Take time to be you. Reflect on who you are and who you want to be in life. See new things, even in your own back garden. And appreciate all that you have to appreciate all you could be.
  5. Sleep. Not enough people sleep enough. Turn of the TV and go to bed at 9.30pm- sleep for 8 hours and feel more refreshed. Don’t snooze on your sofa- get into bed.
  6. Drink water. Water is the best thing you can give your body- so do it. Add juice, tea or coffee but make sure the base is water. Try to track how much you drink in a day to keep hydrated and refreshed.

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