What happened when I tried spinning

January is a cliche time for trying new things, and I fell into that trap. 38% of people say their new years resolution is to exercise more, so what better time to give it a go.

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Spinning is a group cycle class using a specialized bikeĀ  which pushes your strength and endurance. Your instructor will tell the class how to move as well as when to turn the resistance up or down. As well as cycling you are also doing push ups, tap backs and body rolls on the bike- so make sure you take plenty of water.

So, if you’re thinking about giving spinning a go yourself here’s a few things you need to know…

  1. Make sure you are wearing appropriate clothes for working out. You will sweat A LOT so make sure your clothes are sweat proof and easy to move in. A good sports bra is essential for ladies.
  2. Bring lots of water BUT don’t drink too much. Water is essential when you’re exercising but when you are doing a high cardio activity you don’t want to bloat yourself from drinking too much mid workout. Save some for after.
  3. Try to arrive early. The bikes can be adjusted for your personal size so make sure you have the time to set it up comfortably and have a light ride before the class.
  4. When it’s time to come off the bike, you will probably feel relieved- but don’t rush. Your legs have gotten used to the motion of the cycle and will feel like jelly. Your knees can feel like they might give way so take your time and have a hot bath when you get home.
  5. You WILL ache. There is no doubt about it your legs and bum will definitely feel that work out. But keep at it! Pain is progress.

I 100% recommend giving spinning a go if you want a cardio based work out that you really do feel like you’ve made a difference to your health.

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