Elle Darby- an icon to bloggers everywhere

This is a ranty opinion piece, do please stop reading if you disagree with me or don’t care- but to me this is of such significance I can’t be silent any longer.

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For those of you that don’t know, Elle Darby is a blogger and YouTuber who also featured on Channel 5’s reality TV show Make of Break. Recently Elle’s name has been everywhere after Paul Stenson who owns the White Moose Cafe and the Charleville Lodge Hotel in Dublin exposed her. The hotel screenshot and posted a copy of a private email she had sent to them asking if they wanted to collaborate with her. She offered some free exposure and advertising on her social media platforms in exchange for a free or discounted stay.

Now, bloggers are hard working people who have to put themselves out there in the world to succeed. Many bloggers get sent things and companies ask them to collaborate- but it also works the other way around. People sent Elle hate messages calling her all kinds of nasty things, some words I don’t want to even publish on my blog. Not only were these words nasty but also written by adults. “Freeloader” was a word used a lot to describe what Elle was doing- but it isn’t. Companies pay A LOT for advertising- and a social media public figure like Elle could have brought a lot of interest to the hotel. She was essentially offering to work for them to help them. In this world we have to scratch each others backs- help each other out. Corporate news and writing companies do THE SAME THING! It’s just simply how the promotion/publishing world works.

Further notes for annoyance: Paul Stenston is a blogger- he has a YouTube channel. HE IS A BLOGGER WHO HAS DONE THE SAME THING ELLE DID! He is also well known for trolling. He used Elle’s post to gain promotion without offering her anything. (In fact he has now actually sent her a bill according to the Daily Mail)

The way Elle handled the situation is, in my opinion, an inspiration to anyone who is making their way in the blogging world. She’s stressed the importance of never giving up on your dreams even if some people don’t understand and that you should always “do you, boo!” She’s not only a great blogger but she’s also proved herself to be a great person and inspired me (and I’m sure many other aspiring bloggers out there) to keep reaching for their dreams and never give up despite people who may not understand.

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If you don’t already subscribe to Elle on YouTube then head to her channel now!

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