New Years Resolutions to improve YOU

New Year – New Me. A phrase thrown around constantly at this time of year. But just because January is a time to “do something new” doesn’t mean the cliches can’t actually benefit you.

Here are some New Years resolutions that will help to improve the mind- body & and soul.

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Vogue: A Brief History

British VOGUE logo

Vogue is the best selling and most influential fashion magazine in the world, with copies selling in America, England, France, Italy and all over the world. The publication has an advanced and deep history- having lived through both World Wars, the industrial revolution and The Great Depression- always keeping fashion in mind.

Vogue was founded in 1892 by Arthur Turnure, an American, with the dream of making a weekly newspaper, but Vogue was never going to be an ordinary newspaper. Turnure wanted to devote the newspaper to the “ceremonial side of life” with a target audience of New Yorkers, particularly those of an aristocratic persona. As it is now, Vogue is primarily considered a “women’s fashion magazine” but when it was first published it also covered sport in order to engage a male readership.

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Online fashion journalism: the beginning

Fashion has always been an incredibly elite genre of journalism. Fashion publications such as Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar were (and still are) costly glossy magazines catered to entice a readership that is a slight caliber above the general public. Basically, rich and posh people. But (thankfully) this is no more! But who do we have to thank for this? THE INTERNET OF COURSE! Thanks to the internet anyone and everyone now has the means needed to access the joys of fashion journalism with just the click of a button! But, when did it all begin?

i.D website

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Paddington illustrator dies aged 96

Peggy Fortnum is the original illustrator of Paddington Bear who has died, aged 96, at Freda Gunton House Residential Home in Colchester. In 1958 she was commissioned by the author of the Paddington stories, Michael Bond, to create a visual interpretation of the loveable bear. Her original drawings were black and white pen drawings in 1958 for a total of eleven Paddington books.

Original Fortnum illustration of Paddington Bear

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The new voice of fashion

One of the most overlooked aspects of fashion is language. The evolution of the English language has created an entirely new way for us to communicate. (Which we can’t deny, is very important to us ladies!). Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter – that we all love – have aided the evolution of language and allow for a separate social universe with a whole new way of speaking. Of course, like everything else, this affects fashion!

Of course it isn’t just modern words that we’ve brought into fashion. The creation of neologisms (new words) for fashion has been going on for centuries. 

Here’s a bit of background: the renaissance period was renowned for coining new terms for fashion. Ever wondered where the words ‘beret’ and ‘flat cap’ came from? Ladies, I present to you the renaissance. We all love a good pair of high heels, but did you know the original name for heels was ‘chopines’? As you can see, English Language has a huge impact on the way we interpret fashion today.

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McQueen: The Fashion Visionary Who Broke The Rules

Alexander McQueen was a revolutionary fashion designer who captured the minds of many both famous and ordinary people. Since his passing in 2010 there have been many tributes to him including the Savage Beauty exhibition featured in The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and at London’s V&A museum as well as various celebrities celebrating his life such as Lady Gaga and Bjork. The latest tribute to the late genius is James Phillips masterpiece of a play entitled “McQueen” at Theatre Royal Haymarket..

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