How statistics can improve your Tinder game

Hanging out at home in your underwear. Lusting over Channing Tatum’s topless dancing Magic Mike. Eating Nutella with a teaspoon straight from the jar. Telling your friend, time and time again that you really would not like to join them and their boyfriend for lunch. The sweet sweet perks of singlehood. But for a lot of singles, this isn’t enough. Whether it’s relationship, or a bit of intimate fun people are on the lookout for something more, and the internet is the place to go.

Online dating app, Tinder has 50 million accounts, making it the most popular online dating service since its launch in September 2012. The app has made approximately 10 billion matches and united singles across the globe.

But what a lot of singles don’t know is that knowing a few tricks can help them get even more matches and be even closer to making that third wheel into a double date and finding their match made in heaven.

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REVIEW: Hand To God

4/5 stars Hilarious

Based in a small religious town in Texas a church puppet club ran by widow Margery (Janie Dee) sounds like the safest place on Earth. That is until her son, Jason’s (Harry Melling) satanic sock puppet Tyrone possesses his hand, of course!

Hilarious from start to finish, Robert Askins’ Hand to God, tells the story of how struggling teen, Jason, battles some of the most pressing issues in his life. Girls, his mother and the bully, Timothy (Kevin Mains).

After telling Jason he can help him with all of his troubles, Tyrone, then begins to shout his foulmouthed comments, vandalize the church and even bite off someones ear!

Short but brilliant, it’s perfect for those who have a very dark sense of humor, if you liked Avenue Q, you’ll love this!

Hand to God is in the Vaudeville Theatre until June 11th 2016.