Vogue: A Brief History

British VOGUE logo

Vogue is the best selling and most influential fashion magazine in the world, with copies selling in America, England, France, Italy and all over the world. The publication has an advanced and deep history- having lived through both World Wars, the industrial revolution and The Great Depression- always keeping fashion in mind.

Vogue was founded in 1892 by Arthur Turnure, an American, with the dream of making a weekly newspaper, but Vogue was never going to be an ordinary newspaper. Turnure wanted to devote the newspaper to the “ceremonial side of life” with a target audience of New Yorkers, particularly those of an aristocratic persona. As it is now, Vogue is primarily considered a “women’s fashion magazine” but when it was first published it also covered sport in order to engage a male readership.

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Online fashion journalism: the beginning

Fashion has always been an incredibly elite genre of journalism. Fashion publications such as Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar were (and still are) costly glossy magazines catered to entice a readership that is a slight caliber above the general public. Basically, rich and posh people. But (thankfully) this is no more! But who do we have to thank for this? THE INTERNET OF COURSE! Thanks to the internet anyone and everyone now has the means needed to access the joys of fashion journalism with just the click of a button! But, when did it all begin?

i.D website

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What to pack for a European city break

Travelling to cities in Europe is one of the most popular holiday destinations- especially among students. Here are all of the essential things you need to pack when travelling on a city break.

  1. Passport (although that is blatantly obvious)
  2. The correct currency for the country (euros, crowns, pounds etc)
  3. I would always advise taking a student card as a lot of attractions offer a cheaper student price
  4. Comfortable clothes. Although walking the streets of Paris or Milan may seem like a fashion parade, it is still a good idea to take comfortable clothes and shoes. You can still look chic in a pair of jeans and trainers.
  5. Toiletries (especially skincare) when travelling your skin can dry out and break outs become more likely. Make sure you pack all of your best skincare products to prevent this.
  6. A camera. Any city in Europe is packed with amazing scenery which you won’t want to miss snapping a pic of.
  7. Some evening clothes. Prague is a great example of a city with a buzzing and affordable nightlife. Don’t forget to pack an outfit to impress on a night out.
  8. European plug adapter. You can’t charge your phone without it.
  9. A day bag. As long as you can fit your money, phone, passport/id and sunglasses, then you’re good to go.
  10. Medication. Anything you have to take daily to things like ibuprofen and plasters.  You never know when you might need them.

And that is pretty much all you need to pack for any European city break.

Have a safe flight!



Hollywood pooches unwanted in Essex

When it comes to rescue dogs almost all of us think of  “problem dogs” but that is not the case anymore. Man’s (or woman’s) best friend is being put on the back burner, with more and more “Paris Hilton dogs” being abandoned and unwanted in Essex.

Jackson the toy poodle, 3 years old

Mistley Place Park is a pet rehoming center based in North Essex. The center takes in unwanted dogs, cats and other small animals with the aim to rehome them.  At the moment they have three Chihuahuas for rehoming, Chloe, Yogi and Maggie. They also have six other small dogs including Jackson a toy poodle, Lola a French Bulldog and Terriers.

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