How statistics can improve your Tinder game

Hanging out at home in your underwear. Lusting over Channing Tatum’s topless dancing Magic Mike. Eating Nutella with a teaspoon straight from the jar. Telling your friend, time and time again that you really would not like to join them and their boyfriend for lunch. The sweet sweet perks of singlehood. But for a lot of singles, this isn’t enough. Whether it’s relationship, or a bit of intimate fun people are on the lookout for something more, and the internet is the place to go.

Online dating app, Tinder has 50 million accounts, making it the most popular online dating service since its launch in September 2012. The app has made approximately 10 billion matches and united singles across the globe.

But what a lot of singles don’t know is that knowing a few tricks can help them get even more matches and be even closer to making that third wheel into a double date and finding their match made in heaven.

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How to have a perfect night out

2017 is a year that everyone is claiming will be “their year”, and for a lot of us that means making sure you have a good time. So, what better way to have a good time than a perfect night out!

The return of university is dawning on students across the country with “refreshers” plans on the horizon. So, here’s how to have the perfect night out.

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How I lost 10lbs in 3 days

I know what you’re thinking, 10lbs in 3 days?! Impossible. But it isn’t.

If you’re anything like me and love your food and hate exercise this is probably the diet for you. I recently discovered a diet plan called “The Military Diet” which sounds a lot more scary than it actually is. A lot of the diet is based around foods like tuna, egg and even ice cream.

This is an illustrated version of the diet plan

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The new voice of fashion

One of the most overlooked aspects of fashion is language. The evolution of the English language has created an entirely new way for us to communicate. (Which we can’t deny, is very important to us ladies!). Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter – that we all love – have aided the evolution of language and allow for a separate social universe with a whole new way of speaking. Of course, like everything else, this affects fashion!

Of course it isn’t just modern words that we’ve brought into fashion. The creation of neologisms (new words) for fashion has been going on for centuries. 

Here’s a bit of background: the renaissance period was renowned for coining new terms for fashion. Ever wondered where the words ‘beret’ and ‘flat cap’ came from? Ladies, I present to you the renaissance. We all love a good pair of high heels, but did you know the original name for heels was ‘chopines’? As you can see, English Language has a huge impact on the way we interpret fashion today.

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